Know The Polished Dining Etiquettes For Every Occasion

You must follow proper etiquette if you want to make a favourable location in any social or business situation. Although your common sense can provide you with the best guide in any case, if you want to stand out as a polished personality, then your manner for banquet (มารยาทในงานสากล, which is the term in Thai) should be considered.

Here are some of the etiquettes you must follow for a good impression.

– Avoid Lifting The Menu

In any formal banquet dining, you must use the menu so that it should touch the table in one particular place. Hence, if you are looking at something in the menu, you need to put the bottom down or keep it so that it must touch the table. Even if you bring your face a little closer to read the menu, it will eventually save your day.

– Sip From The Exact Place In Your Class

When you drink, make it a point to sip from the same place in the class for the rest of your evening. Especially in banquets, if you are taking the glass from a particular area, after drinking, you must put it back in the same place from where you picked it.

– Avoid Using Mobile Phones

Clicking or using a mobile phone during dining can create a wrong impression. Also, it puts the guest in off mode.

– Keep The Rim As Clean As Possible

When you are all done, the service staff has to clear the plates on behalf of you. In order to do that, they will have to grab the edge of the plate. In order to hold the plate, you must keep the rim of your plate as clean as possible. It will help the service staff to do their work without a fuss.

– Fold The Napkin With The Crease

If you use a napkin, you must not forget to fold them in half. Ensure that the crease must face towards you. Also, avoid wipe stains on your napkin. If you have stains, then close the napkin so that it can stay in the inner portion of the napkin. It will avoid the circumstances of a messy presentation for your guest.

Bottom Line

Now that you know these etiquettes, you must follow them to make your experience memorable. Especially if you leave one bite on your plate, it indicates that you have enjoyed your meal. But this etiquette varies from place to place.

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